iPad Air 2: Pura potenza, puro design.

499,00 €
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  • Grigio Siderale/Argento/Oro
  • 16GB
  • Retina Display LED da 9,7"
  • 2048x1536 a 264 ppi
  • Chip A8 a 64 bit
  • Coprocessore di movimento M8
  • iSight da 8 megapixel
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  • Sensore di impronte digitali
Scheda SIM:
  • NO
iPad Air 2: 16 GB Wi-Fi
iPad Air 2 non è solo più sottile, è anche molto più potente. Il nuovo chip A8X accelera ancora le prestazioni della grafica e della CPU rispetto al modello precedente. Con la sua architettura a 64 bit sa tenere tranquillamente testa a molti computer desktop, eppure è efficientissimo nei consumi: ti dà ben 10 ore di batteria per lavorare.
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Autore: Rahul
Hi.Have had RCX5 for a little while now and while I do like the unit, it fails in a clpoue of areas for my mind.1/ There are issues where the unit will not repeat the same phase during a phased workout, as is quite clearly stated as being possible in the PPT manual. This means you are only able to repeat between 2 different phases (phase 3-4 5x) compared to repeating a single phase (phase 3 only 5x). This basically limits you to Warmup, Work, Recovery, Cooldown. Polar say they are working on the solution, but I have had this question with them for a number of months now, with little feedback.2/ The unit is a bit of a bugger to use during a Multisport event. You have to pause (stop recording for a brief period), change profile (eg from swim to bike), and then continue recording.Another trap I have found is if you have the auto stop/start feature active while cycling during an event, when you enter transition and rack your bike, your RCX5 pauses too, and so when you go to pause to change profile (eg bike to run), you are actually completing your event, and having to restart again with a fresh event for the run. A trap for young players.