MacBook Air: Sottile e potente.

13" 128GB
1.179,00 €
Categoria:MacBook Air
  • Display LED da 13,3"
  • Intel Core i5 dual-core a 1,4GHz
  • 4GB LPDDR3
  • Unità flash PCIe da 128GB
  • Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Batteria integrata ai polimeri di litio da 54 wattora
MacBook Air 13": 1,4GHz   128GB
  • Intel Core i5 dual-core a 1,4GHz
  • Turbo Boost fino a 2,7GHz
  • 4GB di SDRAM LPDDR3 a 1600MHz
  • Unità flash PCIe da 128GB
  • Tastiera retroilluminata
  • Manuale utente (Italiano)
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Hi StePolque-RE: Export of GPS TrackI'm not seeing any way to craete a KML/GPX file unfortunately from the site. But you can grab the GPX file from the folder using the tool.Hi Sebastian-RE: Training ProgramYou can specify a manual step such that when you're ready it'll trigger.Hi Anon-RE: G5 in swimcapI haven't tried it yet, but below Maverick notes in comment #87 that it was successful.Hi Tim-RE: Which moduleI would go with the GPS sensor, unless you want the cadence information on the stride sensor (or do a fair bit of treadmill running).Hi dsware-RE: Which watchIf you ride with power, then you're best to wait for now.Hi Schwingi-Thanks!Hi Andrew-RE: Firmware updatesYes, it does support updates.Hi Anon-RE: ZoomYup, discoverd that a bit ago but thanks for noting it here!Hi Martin-RE: Swimming/Tri Programs at PPT.comI'll ask next time I talk with the Polar Guys.Hi Esmelf-RE: FootpodThe Polar will actually be used as primary, and the GPS purely for a track purpose, thus, it won't really switch per se.Hi Anon-RE: Lots of data for migrationIt's something that's being actively worked on, but timeslines aren't clear.Hi PintX-RE: PT5 fieldsInterseting, mine didn't seem to have the additional fields, though I may have missed it but that's great to hear it does!Hi Marius-RE: FR610 and waterNo, the FR610 is not water friendly for any extended period of time (or for swimming), nor does it support HR in the water.RE: Power Meter supportThis is for cycling power meters, which measure power in watts a unit of how much work is being done.Hi Anon-RE: Walk/Run function on the FR610No, the RCX5 does not have this function.Hi Mav-RE: HR Strap in poolYeah, very similiar to what I saw hard to get good results due to slippage. My wife has no issues though with the strap under her suit.RE: RCX5 in dishDid you really walk a 1/3rd of a mile with it in a dish of water to test it out? If so that's totally awesome.RE: ProtocalWIND is a Polar protocal, and is unfortunately quite different from ANT+, which is by ANT. Meanwhile, the Polar straps (some) can be read by the gym treadmills as you noted something only one treadmill supports for ANT+.Hi K-Thanks!Hi Remix-RE: Navigation back to a waypointNo.Hi Mav Michael-RE: Dedication to the swimming causeI have worn trisuits over the chest strap without issue. Good to hear on the GPS pod in swimcap working!Hi TomasRE: 800CXUnfortunately, I haven't spent any time with the 800CX so I can't comment there. I can say that the G5 is comparable to the FR610 from an accuracy standpoint though.Hi Anon-RE: Which watch (FR310XT vs RCX5)It depends on what you're looking for really. If you want underwater HR readings, the RCX5 is the way to go. Meanwhile, if you need power meter support, the 310XT is a better option.Hi Anon-Thanks for the comments, good insight!Thanks all, and sorry for the delay here been a bit of a crazy few months with wedding and honeymoon, just getting a chance to catchup on all the past comments.